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The passage of time is an illusion, and life is the magician.
— Peter Capaldi

Life allows you to see one day at a time. A collection of passing memories that we get to see only once, I understand that said moments occur spontaneously. My passion is not to just create moving pictures that depict the events that took place, but I seek to tell your story while invoking the same emotions that were experienced while those passing memories unfolded.

I believe that creating art is a process that requires a creative mind, tactfulness, an eye for detail, and a sprightly spirit. My promise to you is that I will work with you at every stage of the process to fully understand your needs. Understanding your needs is important so that we could make your cherished memories an everlasting portrait that delivers the masterpiece your tale deserves.



Nabil Benbouza, Owner, Visual Tales

Hi! My name is Nabil Benbouza and I am the founder of Visual Tales. As a literature graduate, I understand the beauty of narrative art. Throughout my individual travel journeys I discovered my passion for retelling experiences and stories through photography and film making. I wanted to share this passion with the world which led me to create Visual Tales. I do not consider your video to be a simple compilation of moving images, for it is a collective of visual and auditory experiences that entail your emotions, feelings, passion, and perspective. I strive to translate all these elements into your own distinctive personalized tale which will reflect the essence of your love or the spirit of your event.

I began my career as a teacher, tutor, and a cultural activities coordinator which eventually inspired me to dive into the events industry. I started working for All Seasons Weddings shortly after graduation as an event planner and in-house producer and editor. This newly possessed creative freedom allowed me to hone my photography and videography skill sets, utilizing this experience and creativity to boost the marketing of the company and my creative direction.



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